Supper with Spanish: A Conversation Course      

Spring 2017

New at KSU!

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Learning while eating! New course offered by Kentucky State University at local Frankfort restaurant. Supper with Spanish is a newly designed course from KSU’s Institute of Lifelong Learning. The course meets at Miguel’s, a Mexican restaurant on the east side of town. This is more than a delightful way to spend an evening, it is a delicious way to learn Spanish!


Course Description

Supper with Spanish is a delightful Spanish conversation course with an added edge that provides a new and different experience to learn Spanish over food. It is held in a Spanish restaurant with qualified Spanish professors. Spanish with Supper is designed for interested individuals who want to learn Spanish and for those who wish to improve their Spanish fluency. The beginner and the intermediate are welcome to attend these classes. Classes are student centered and emphasis will be placed on developing ideas and concepts from topics of high interest to students in actual conversation around the supper table. Students will improve their Spanish by ordering their supper in Spanish, participating in dialogues and conversations around the table, and by using recorded information. The class will have fun conversations around the table and instructor will use film and recording to improve student listening and ability to speak in Spanish.

Course objectives: The goal of this course is to build the student’s oral proficiency in Spanish. Activities will be designed to develop and improve the students’ conversational skills and knowledge about culture and language both in formal and informal settings.

Student learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course students will:

Have an expanded Spanish vocabulary

Have improved their listening abilities in Spanish

Be able to speak in dialogue and discussions and food, current events, as well as personal and social issues.

Enhanced knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Required texts: no text-book is required. A variety of materials will be the base for classroom activities. The instructor will provide some materials and students will perform their own research through internet, magazines, newspapers, television shows, etc.


Evaluation procedures:

Students will be required to actively participate in weekly meetings and also prepare two oral presentations. In class discussions will provide practice in a more informal style of speech while oral presentations provide students with practice in making formal presentations in Spanish.

Evaluation will be based on individual participation in each class (50%) as well as individual or group oral presentations (50%)


Tentative course calendar/schedule:


Week Topics Materials
1 Introducción. Presentación de los estudiantes. Saludos Provided by instructor.
2 El restaurant, las comidas. Provided by instructor.
3 Los viajes, los pasatiempos, vacaciones Oral presentation
4 La familia, el vecindario, las religiones Students research
5 La salud, el hospital Students research
6 Las profesiones Oral presentation



Cost $99.00


Supper with Spanish-A Conversation Course in Spanish over supper



KSU’s Institute for Lifelong Learning offers new evening Spanish courses at two locations. Miguel’s restaurant in Frankfort, and Mi Pequena Hacienda in Lexington are the two locations where Spanish over supper will be offered. This delightful courses adds the experience of the tradition and culture of Mexico from the cuisine to other patrons of the dining experience. Students will be engaged in learning in the moment by utilizing the space and context of the restaurant to develop vocabulary and improve fluency. The aromas of traditional marinates and the rhythm of the Spanish language around make for a new and different experience, a brief immersion, in Spanish.


Course Schedule


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