The interior door to the DRC office is identified only by its room number. Disability records are confidential and kept in a locked file cabinet in the DRC office. Receipt of accommodations is not noted on the academic transcript. Providers of accommodations are obligated to keep the identity of users confidential to the full extent possible. Please share this information with a cautious student.  While the university cannot force a student with a disability to accept accommodations, it is in everyone’s best interest to inform students of their rights and document the conversation.  It is not uncommon for students with disabilities to avoid services until after midterms or even the end of the semester and attempt to seek monetary reimbursement for tuition when they fail their courses.  This is why we emphasize the importance of including disability statements in the syllabus, announcing several times in the first few days of class (in a general way) that disability services are available and documenting the announcement in your lesson plan books.