KSU Alumni Association Official Online Ballot

  • To begin, enter your alumni ID number in the box above. It can be found on your KSUNAA membership card. Your alumni ID number is one letter followed by three numbers.

    Correct Example: K294.
    Incorrect Example: 12B0.

    If the alumni ID number on your card is longer than four digits, you will need to get an updated ID number. To acquire your updated ID number, or if you have other questions, contact Wendell Thomas, Director of Alumni Relations at (502) 597-6507 at wendell.thomas@kysu.edu

  • Candidates

    • Before voting, please click here to review the candidate profiles
    • Please click to select your choice of candidate for each of the categories below
    • If you do not want to vote for either candidate running for a particular office, select "I decline to cast a vote for this/either candidate"