KSU’s lovely campus facilities feature several auditoriums and classrooms, as well as performing arts venues, multi-purpose facilities, and green spaces and more. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs, through their advisors), University Departments, and Alumni are welcome to book space and may begin the reservation process through our website. Community members are welcome to request space as well, but must do so by following the instructions below for external entities. The procedure for reserving and/or renting a University space depends on the type of event planned.

  • EXTERNAL ENTITIES (entities that are outside of KSU) MUST contact the Public Engagement and Community Outreach office for information on the contractual process and rates. Do not proceed with submitting requests through this website. Please call (502) 597-6063 to inquire about space for your organization or group.  Requests from external entities who proceed and submit without first having approval from the Public Engagement and Community Outreach office will not be processed or acknowledged.
  • KSU DEPARTMENTS and REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (via ADVISORS) can continue with the reservation process by clicking on the Reservations Instructions (to the left).  Submitting requests does not automatically reserve the space, rather your submission will be reviewed by Auxiliary Services and applicable campus contacts.  An Auxiliary Services representative will follow up with you by email to let you know if your event was Approved or Denied.  Requests strictly initiated via email, rather than through this online request form, will not be considered; instead they will be discarded.  If your event involves having food served, the Kentucky State University dining partner needs to be contacted as they have first right of refusal. If our dining partner is able to accommodate the event (that involves food), they will need to receive the PO otherwise they have no obligation to provide food for your event.  So please make sure you allow for two to four weeks for both your inquiry to our dining partner and for the needed/necessary internal processing of requisition and PO.

An important update regarding the Hill Student Center: The “Flex Area” does not include the “Food Court” space. The “Food Court” space is reserved for use by KSU dining partner and/or Auxiliary Services use to provide dining space for students during other dining events hosted by either the KSU dining partner and/or Auxiliary Services. The “Flex Area” in the Hill Student Center consists solely of the open-space (hallways) that immediately surrounds theFood Court“, but does not  include theFood Court“. Therefore, if you are reserving the “Flex Area”, you will need to request tables/chairs as the tables/chairs in the Food Court are not to be removed for use in the “Flex Area”. Questions? Please contact the Auxiliary Services Director listed on our website or send us an email at FacEvntReserv@kysu.edu with the subject line “Flex/Food Court”.

An important update regarding Room 311/Student Center: In previous submission requests, Room 311-Student Center, was listed.  As of August 2019, Room 311 in the Student Center is no longer available as a space to reserve/request.  Therefore it is no longer an option to select on the Event/Request/Reservation form.  Thank you for your understanding.