First time borrowers who plan to take out loans must log on to the Stafford loan Website and complete the entrance loan counseling and Master Promissory Note

**Both Document Must Be Completed Or Student Loans Will Not Disburse. All New Students Loans Are Delayed For 30 Days

If a student has a parent plus loan offered on their account, the student cannot accept this offer. The parent must log on to and apply for the loan. Once the parent is approved the financial aid office will place the loan on the student’s account

**A Parent Plus Loan Shown In The Offered Status On A Student Wired Account Does Not Guaranteed That The Student Will Be Able To Receive The Loan. The Student’s Eligibility Is Depending On the Outcome of the Parent plus Loan

What happens if the parent is denied?

If the student still has an unmet need and is not over the federal government limit for borrowing loans. He may be eligible for and additional $ 4,000 in unsubsidized loans. The parent must imply that they “Will Not Pursue the Parent plus Loan” or send in a typed and signed statement with the same words. To find out more information follow up with a financial aid counselor.