Get acquainted with Kentucky State University. Tour with a member of our B.R.E.D.S. Office. Click the photo above to schedule your walking tour today!


Thorobred Tour Dates:

Monday through Friday

10:00 AM & 2:00 PM


(For Families/Individuals Only):

Saturday Tours are typically conducted once a month for families or individuals to best experience the splendor of our more than 300 acre campus for those unable to tour during the week.  Please be mindful that administrative offices and classroom buildings are typically closed over the weekend; therefore, these areas will not be included in the campus tours.

Please phone the B.R.E.D.S. Office for available Saturday Tours.

Saturday Tours are not given every Saturday


Duration: Campus visits are scheduled to last 1.5 hours. A campus visit will include an information session and walking tour of the campus led by members of the B.R.E.D.S. staff.  Tours are conducted based on prearranged schedules with the exception of Holidays, Testing periods, and other dates and times Kentucky State University is closed.


Attire: Please dress appropriately according to the weather.  The walking tour will cover a large portion of the campus and guests should wear comfortable attire and shoes.


Late Policy: Respect yourself and others.  Late arrivals of more than 15 minutes may impact the length of your scheduled tour.  We will work to honor and accommodate your request and may offer an additional time to tour to best accommodate your schedule and at that of the B.R.E.D.S. staff.


Inclement Weather: In order to protect the safety and welfare of all campus visitors, walking tours WILL NOT be conducted in the event of inclement weather. The status of the tour will be updated at the scheduled time of tour. The information session will be conducted for all visitors during this time.


Tour groups of 10 people or larger must email or contact our Admissions Office at 502-597-6813 to confirm availability.  If you would like to have lunch during your campus tour visit, please contact Jamie Tutt at (502) 597-6813 or email once you have received your final tour confirmation email.



Campus Tours Reserved through the B.R.E.D.S. Office includes lunch if scheduled during the available hours.