Credit By Examination

Up to one-fourth the minimum number of semester credit hours required for completion of a baccalaureate degree   or   an   associate   degree   at   Kentucky   State University may be earned through any combination of credit by examination/certification and credit for life experience.   Credit by examination may be earned through Academic Unit Challenge Examinations and by satisfactory performance on College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, the Proficiency Examination Program, and the Advanced Placement Program examinations.    Satisfactory performance  on  the  latter three shall be based upon the score established by the appropriate  University official.     Credit  (not  a  letter grade) shall be entered on the student’s record by the Office of the University Registrar.

Academic Unit Challenge Examinations

A student intending to challenge a course must complete registration for the course, including payment of applicable fees, during the registration period and must receive the approval of his/her advisor and the chairperson or dean through which the course is offered. The chairperson may deny the request if it is determined that the student has not furnished evidence that he/she is reasonably prepared to take the challenge examination.

The challenge examination must be taken before the beginning of the third week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and before the end of the first week of classes during a summer session.  A student who wants to challenge a course must attend the respective class before taking the challenge examination.

The challenge examination will be comprehensive in nature and will have been approved by the dean or chairperson as an acceptable examination.  A passing grade (“P”)  on  the  challenge examination is the  sole determinant of successful completion.   No grade is assigned if the student fails the examination.  Challenge examination  grades  will  be  reported  on  the  official Grade Roster at the conclusion of the semester/session.

If the student fails the challenge examination, then he/she may either attend the class as a regular student or withdraw from the course.  If the student chooses to withdraw from the course, then the University’s existing withdrawal policies apply.  A student may not take a challenge examination for classes previously failed.

A student may challenge a course only one time, and no  challenge  examination  will  be  administered  for courses for which CLEP examinations are available.

Courses that May Be Challenged by Examination

University CourseCourse Description Semester Hours
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 202Principles of Accounting II3
BIO 220 Medical Terminology2
BUA 101 Computer Applications in Business3
BUA 321Legal Environment3
COS 100Introduction to Computers3
COS 101Programming in BASIC3
COS 108Principles of Computer Science I4
COS 109Principles of Computer Science II4
COS 180Advanced Programming in BASIC3
COS 230 Programming in COBOL3
COS 240File Processing3
ECO 202Principles of Economics II3
ECO 311Business Statistics I3
EDU 294Introduction to Teaching*3
HED 221Personal Health & Lifetime Fitness2
INT 101Engineering Drafting I3
INT 102Engineering Drafting II3
INT 124Basic Electricity (AC and DC)3
INT 126 Motors and Controls 3
INT 128 Solid State Devices3
INT 130 Digital Logic Circuits 3
INT 208Computer-Aided Drafting I3
MAT 125Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus with Business Applications3
MUS 101Music Theory to 14503
MUA 120 Minor Applied I1
MUA 220 Minor Applied II1
PUA 170Public Sector Management3