Students, faculty and staff of the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems presented information and research posters at the Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) Conference in Pikeville, Ky., on Aug. 5. Extension personnel discussed STEM fields, geographic information systems, and unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) usage in agriculture and other educational outreach. These topics are key in advancing the Appalachian region into 21st-century economic development. 

 Graduate research assistant Cynthia Rice presented the research posters, “Kentucky State University Serving the Community: Education and Outreach in the Appalachian Region,” and “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Agricultural Production: Use of Story Maps, Map Books, and Other Benefits of GIS.” Student Oguz Sariyildiz displayed his research on the feasibility of raising cool water trout in the mine waters of reclaimed mines, which would aid in economic development needed by this region.