A degree seeking student must meet the liberal studies requirements as published in the Catalogue in effect at the time of enrollment.  The student will be subject to these liberal studies requirements so long as he/she remains enrolled with no more than a two-year interruption of studies.

A degree-seeking student can request to change his/her Catalogue of Record for the liberal studies to a subsequent edition of the Catalogue .  A written request to change the Catalogue of record must be submitted to his/her advisor for approval and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

Students who complete a degree and wish to pursue an additional degree without interruption will have the option of selecting requirements for the additional degree in effect at the time of either initial enrollment or of declaration of the second degree.  To be eligible to pre-register for the semester following completion of the first degree, the student must attach a letter of intent to the Application for Degree form.  (Please see section on Subsequent Degrees for additional information.)

A student who changes his/her major must meet the major requirements as published in the most recent Catalogue .  The Major Change Form must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and must be returned with all necessary approval signatures.

A student who changes from non-degree status to degree-seeking status must meet the requirements as published in the Catalogue in effect at the time the student becomes degree-seeking.

A student pursuing a curriculum leading to certification or licensure must meet the curriculum requirements in effect at the time he/she graduates.