Consistent with the overall mission of the University, the major goal of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide students with the requisite academic skills, knowledge,  and  a  sense  of  competence  which  will allow them to assume leadership roles in their respective fields of study. The College is made up of four divisions:

Academic majors, leading to the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees, are offered in the following areas:  Art, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mass Communication Journalism, English, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Spanish.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers minors in the  following  areas:  African-American  Studies,  Art, Communications,  English,  French,  History, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Speech and Theater.

Students interested in earning credit for Teacher Certification at the elementary or secondary level may take courses offered by the appropriate divisions in the College of Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the faculty  of  the  School  of  Education  and  Human Services in the College of Professional Studies. Details of these programs may be found in the College of Professional  Studies  section  elsewhere  in  this Bulletin.

Students should refer to the appropriate degree program section in the College of Arts and Sciences for coursework requirements applicable to their particular programs. To earn a degree through the College  in  four  years,  students  must  satisfy  both academic  program  and  University  course requirements.  Summer  session  coursework  and possibly an additional academic year may be required in some cases. Every student is encouraged to work closely with his or her mentor or advisor.   However, students are encouraged to complete their degree requirements within eight semesters of study in the college.

Any student in the College of Arts and Sciences who has completed the Liberal Studies requirements of the University through the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies will not be required to satisfy the number of semester credit hours of a suggested curriculum. However, the student will be required  to  complete  a  minimum  of  120  semester credit hours and the required coursework in the major.