Students attend the University to learn and grow in all aspects of their lives. The University delivers programs and services that are designed to assist our diverse student body to maximize opportunities for academic, social, cultural, personal and physical growth and development. Sensitive to the changing needs of today’s college student, The University is committed to helping students meet their individual academic and personal goals. This responsibility will be accomplished by our commitment to these objectives:

  • Creating a civil, supportive learning environment
  • Providing academic support systems to increase student persistence and encourage satisfactory educational progress
  • Moving beyond tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of difference within each individual and within each culture, subculture and identity group, diversity is a core value that embodies inclusiveness and excellence within the University community
  • Collaborating with all constituencies within the University to increase enrollment and improve the quality of the student experience
  • Encouraging students to assume responsibility for their educational decisions and experiences
  • Identifying and addressing student needs in an evolving environment
  • Addressing the student and community needs through programs, activities and services

By offering students opportunities to strengthen academic, social and leadership skills and enhance career development, we assist them in accepting responsibility for their personal growth and in realizing their educational goals.

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