Kentucky State University offers many opportunities for qualified students to study and earn credits while visiting and living in a foreign country.  KSU is affiliated with a number of study abroad providers and consortium organizations, including Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS), which offer many different options, including full semester or year-long study, summer programs, and a short winter term (December–January).  Opportunities for study abroad are available in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central/South America.  Students can study almost anything they would normally study at KSU.  All programs are credit-bearing and normally count towards the student’s program of studies.

Participation in a student exchange program is also a form of study abroad.  In these programs, which usually last for a full semester or year, KSU students trade places with an international student from one of KSU’s partner universities.  Taking part in an exchange program is particularly intellectually and culturally enriching because students are immersed in local culture, take courses with local students, and study under professors not available to them in their home institution.  Often financial aid can be applied to studying abroad.  Staff in the Whitney Young College of Leadership Studies will help students evaluate their financial need and, in cases where financial aid alone will not suffice, help them identify other sources of funding.  One source of funding is the Global Thorobred Award, a KSU fund established to help defer the cost of studying abroad. Please see the Study-Abroad-Scholarship-Criteria-Conditions.  All Students must complete the KSU Study-Abroad-Approval-Packet before consideration is granted. Whitney Young Scholars (Honors) will be granted priority consideration. Study-Abroad-Scholarship-Application.

It is not mandatory, but students are highly encouraged to begin making plans in their freshman or sophomore year for studying abroad as a junior or senior.  Visit the Whitney Young College of Leadership Studies, Center for Global Leadership in Hathaway Hall, Suite 423, or contact Ms. Karend Brown,, for more information.