Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.  Each course description begins with a three letter subject prefix followed by a three – digit course number and the course title. The number on the right of each course description gives the semester credit hours for that course. If a course includes laboratory or other special activities, that information is contained in the course description.  Prerequisites are also listed. A prerequisite is a course, experience, or other required preparation that must be completed before the student is permitted to enroll in the course.

Subject Prefix and Course NumberCourse NameSemester Credit HoursCourse DescriptionCross Listed CoursePrerequisite
INT 101Engineering Drafting I3Fundamentals in blueprint reading, ANSI standards, symbolic canons, dimensioning rubrics and shape description techniques including: orthographic projection, auxiliary views, sectional views and pictorial projection. Not ApplicableNot Applicable
INT 129Large Scale Integrated Circuits3Analysis of large scale integrated
circuits. (Lecture two hour; laboratory two
Not Applicable INT 130
INT 225Regulators, Oscillators, and Linear
3Study, through theory and application, of regulators,
oscillators, thyristors, DA’s, Op Amps, and linear devices.
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
INT 226Microprocessor
3A study of the architecture and
interconnecting functional units of the CPU, ALU,
and control units with memory, input/output devices
and communications between subsystems. (Lecture
two hours, laboratory two hours)
CIT 226INT 129
INT 229Programmable Logic Controllers
3Study of the use and application of PLC’s in industry,
their operation, logic concepts, hardware components,
the input/output system, programming, editing, and
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
INT 231Peripheral Control
3An analysis of the digital logic
structures of peripheral control devices and how they
interface with microprocessor based systems. Use of
the Intel Series Development System to develop, edit,
assemble, debug and test system routines.
CIT 231INT 226
INT 290Industrial Technology Capstone3Students
participate on a design team working on a realistic
problem; design education process is guided by the
design method approach. Students are encouraged to
integrate diverse elements of course work into a coherent
conception of their major.
Not ApplicableStudents to be enrolled in their last semester
of course work or consent of instructor.
INT 299Industrial Technology Internship3Designed
to provide students a means to integrate academic
theories and principles to practical job experience,
thereby reinforcing and expanding classroom learning
while preparing them for activities related to their major. (Hours to be arranged.)
Not ApplicableStudent to be enrolled in their last semester
of course work or consent of instructor