Applicant organizationKentucky State University
Capability BriefResearch Capability Brief
Authorized Institutional RepresentativesM. Christopher Brown ll, Ph.D.:
Mr. Derrick C. Gilmore, Deputy Provost for the Office of Research and Sponsored Program:
Institutional AddressOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs
400 East Main Street
Frankfort, Ky. 40601
IRS Status:501 © Tax Exempt
Cognizant Government AgencyDepartment of Health and Human Services
Date of Agreement: 2/20/2013
Darryl W. Mayes – Regional Director, Division of Cost Allocation
Phat Chau- HHS Representative: (301)492-4855
DUNS Number071317788
Employee Identification Number (EIN#)61-1099712
Commonwealth of Kentucky Congressional District KY006
Indirect Costs Rate (IDC)*Rate applies to Salary & Wages only*
Kentucky State University - IDC agreement51.00% On Campus Rate
18.00% Off Campus Rate
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):Institutional Review Board (IRB) (Expiration Date: 3/3/2020)
Federal Wide Assurance Number (FWA): FWA00013964
Institutional Organizational Number (IORG): IORG0005653
Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) IRB Number: IRB00006807
USDA Animal Welfare Act Registration Information:Class R Research Facility (Expiration Date: 11/15/2022)
Certificate No.: 61-R-0112
Customer No.: 330468
Fringe Benefits Rate (FY19)40% *Rate only applies to Salary & Wages of faculty/staff