Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Academic Center for Excellence for faculty at Kentucky State University.

Can I expect my students’ papers or homework to be error free if they seek ACE help?

Students who receive academic assistance from ACE will not necessarily submit error-free homework or perfectly composed papers. Rather, ACE Instructional Counselors and peer tutors help students improve their abilities to problem-solve, build skills, and process mathematical concepts, as well as to organize, develop, revise, and edit ideas while working toward mastering the writing process.

How long does an ACE session last?

ACE sessions last approximately 30-50 minutes.

How do I check on my students’ progress?

Student progress reports will be generated on a monthly basis. Faculty may request additional student reports as needed.

How do I refer my students to ACE?

Our faculty referral form is now available online. Anytime you would like to refer a student to work on a specific skill, feel free to complete one of these forms.  The student must contact ACE to schedule an appointment.  Also, you may simply suggest that students visit ACE whenever they are in need of academic assistance, or, in your course syllabus, you may require students to work on specific assignments or skills at ACE. If you require your students to visit ACE, please do not simply assign blanket “hours” that students must fulfill. Rather, we ask that you consult with the Director or an Instructional Counselor about the nature and scope of the mandatory sessions. Students should be aware of the goals they are trying to meet during each session.

When can my students begin using ACE services?

Instructional Counselors are available to work with students by appointment or on a drop-in basis beginning the first day of classes.

What services does ACE offer?

ACE provides assistance in mathematics, essay and research paper development, reading comprehension and textbook management, vocabulary building, oral communication, science, languages, critical thinking skills, study and test-taking strategies, personal learning styles assessment, note-taking, and documentation.  ACE staff always encourage students to attend class regularly.