Kentucky State University (KSU) is partnering with the Foundation for Student Success, which is hosted by The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS). The mission of the Foundation for Student Success (FSS) is to stimulate and support the use of predictive analytics and other emerging technologies to help institutions of higher education identify at-risk students and to develop interventions to increase their chances of success. None of FSS’s work will be for commercial purposes, and its results will be publicly available.

KSU will participate as a mentee institution from 2017-2019. The mentee institutions will commit to undertake a guided quest to shift the culture of their campuses in ways that have shown to be successful in increasing the success rates of Black and/or Latino students. Each mentee institution will be linked to a mentor institution that has many of the same characteristics (e.g. type of institution, rural/urban, size, types of students).  Staffs from each mentee institution will work with its mentor’s staff to help start the process of campus culture change.  Mentee institutions will be asked to report on their activities and progress plus fill out a benchmarking survey at the beginning and end of the award period. KSU’s mentor institution is Rutgers University – Newark.  KSU joins Northeastern Illinois University and Texas Southern University as peer mentee institutions.

KSU’s two-year project will be to create a Student Success Task Force to infuse and promote Student Success principles in every area of the institution.  The task force will be comprised of faculty, staff, and students and led by the Office of Educational Support.

KSU Student Success Force

The Task Force is a team of faculty, staff and students who are committed to shifting the culture of KSU by infusing principles of Student Success in every aspect of the institution.

The mission of the Task Force is to educate institutional stakeholders on aligning unit goals to ensure that the University’s student success outcomes are met.

KSU student success task force strives to promote student success through data driven developmental practices, effective programming, and a commitment to operational excellence at KSU. We seek to be a leading institution that disseminates best practices for student success to help ensure underserved populations develop high performance, steady matriculation, and graduate in a timely manner.


  • Stimulate the desire in faculty, staff, and students to broaden their perspective on effective student success principles and practices.
  • Implement a bottom-up, inclusive approach to changing institutional culture surrounding student success.
  • Identify inhibitors to student success across the university and operationalize best practices to resolve obstacles identified.


  • Create an on-going learning community for Task Force Members.
  • Create data driven, informational sessions to inform stakeholders of current and historical state of student success metrics.
  • Organize consistent strategic conversations across campus and with our mentor institution (Rutgers).
  • Provide micro-grants to foster innovated thinking and implementation to improve student success in all areas of the institution.
  • Execute on-going campaigns to bring awareness to critical topics of student success.