The Office of Nontraditional Student Education (ONSE) at Kentucky State University supports and enhances the educational and developmental experiences of adult students. Innovative and quality services, programs, resources, and activities are offered in an effort to meet the need for integration or all aspects of the adult learner.

Nontraditional students are described by the following criteria:

  • Regularly live off campus.
  • May be a parent (regardless of age).
  • May be single, married, widowed or divorced.
  • May be military veterans.
  • May be 25 years old or older.
  • May be resuming or have begun studies after a period of employment or working from their home.
  • May be going through a transition such as a career change.

KSU offers many programs and services to assist you with the transition of returning back to school:

Project Graduate

-Have a cumulative of at least 80 or more semester credit hours and no degree.

-Want to obtain a Baccalaureate Degree in Liberal Studies.

-Have been out of school for two or more semesters.

Credit for Life Experience

-Earn up to 30 semester hours.

-Enroll in CLE 299 Portfolio Development with the approval from the CLE instructor.

-Be a degree seeking student and have completed ENG 101 English Comp I.

Donovan Scholar

-Must be 65 years of age or older and a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

-Acceptance is based upon available space and may require the consent of the instructor

-Donovan Fellows may audit classes (with no exams, papers or other assignments required


-Convenient, easily-accessible area with several amenities

-Life skills mini-workshop, seminars and events

-Nontraditional student organization memberships