Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Kentucky State University is a 72 credit hours (9 semesters) BSN-DNP online program with emphasis in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. Courses are completed online and clinical/residency hours are to be completed in the student’s region with an approved preceptor/mentor. Course content is based on the DNP Essentials, Consensus Model.

Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Behavioral Science

The Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences, within the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Behavioral Science. The program takes a multidisciplinary approach to the area of forensic psychology by providing students with background in theoretical perspectives from psychology, sociology, and criminology, basic and applied research methods, and statistical techniques. Students will develop competencies relevant to the science and practice of psychology, and to the study of the intersection of behavioral and social science and law. This program is relevant to graduates of psychology, criminal justice, sociology, social work, public administration, political science, and other areas of study that have application to the justice system broadly defined.

Master of Arts in Special Education

The School of Education offers an on-line program for a Master of Arts (MA) in Special Education with Certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders (P-12). The intent of this program, which is referred to as the MASPE program, is to increase the diminished supply of special education teachers by targeting qualified college graduates, including those whose degrees are in fields other than education, and guiding them to move expeditiously through an intensive training and clinical experience, become certified special education teachers, and obtain a Master degree.

Master of Business Administration

The School of Business offers a program of study leading to a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). Consistent with the liberal arts mission of the University, the objective of the MBA program is to provide essential knowledge and skills that can be directly utilized by business professionals in both the private and public sectors.

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Administration. The program is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and experience that can be directly utilized by public and private sector professionals. The program equips students with technical skills and liberal arts values necessary to perform administrative roles in state, local, federal, and non-profit organizations.

Master of Science in Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences

The Division of Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, within the College of Agriculture, Food Science and Sustainability Systems, offers a Master of Science Degree in Aquaculture/Aquatic Sciences. Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic organisms under controlled or semi-controlled conditions. The master’s degree program is recognized as KSU Program of Distinction.

Master of Science in Computer Science Technology

The M.S. in Computer Science Technology degree program is designed for students with computer science as well as those with no computer science background. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available. Research areas in the program include:

  • Computer Visualization
  • Cyber Security
  • Database and Data Mining
  • High Performance Computing
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Social Networking
  • Wireless Sensor Network

Master of Science in Environmental Studies

Global ecological problems will be among the biggest challenges of the future. Ecological issues, which involve environmental degradation and resource depletion, are often the ultimate cause of economic and political upheaval. It is important to understand the processes and the principles of the environment to be able to deal with these issues. This type of understanding requires research on the problems themselves and on the basic science underlying the problems.