School of Education and Human Development

The strategic plan of the School of Education and Human Development guides our teaching, policies, procedures, curricula, and governance.
Core Values
Commitment to Learn – We believe that abilities and achievements grow through willingness, effort, experience, and persistence.
Collaboration – We believe that creative ideas and effective solutions stem from openness, partnership, and community.
Cultural Competence – We fully appreciate our own cultural roots and we believe that understanding and valuing the cultures of others leads to authentic connections and relationships.
Social Justice – We believe that equitable access to resources and opportunities is the key to personal growth, professional accomplishments, and systemic change.
Health and Wellness – We believe that excellence comes from enjoying what we do and striving for balance in body, mind, and spirit.
Mission: As the first public institution of higher education to prepare African American teachers in Kentucky, the School of Education and Human Development is grounded in history, theory, and research. Building on our proud legacy, we now form a diverse, supportive community that promotes cultural competence, provides access to resources, creates opportunities for meaningful learning, engages in effective problem solving, and activates positive system change for all.
Vision: The School of Education and Human Development collaborates with partners to offer educational opportunities through which individuals from myriad cultures learn together in community and grow into culturally competent, highly skilled, professional leaders in a global society.

Programs Offered

Baccalaureate Degree programs leading to teacher certification are offered in the following fields:

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

P-12 Certification

Coursework leading to the baccalaureate degree is offered in the field of physical education (non-teaching) which addresses the tremendous surge of public interest in sports, fitness, and physical activity.  Career opportunities for physical education graduates include athletic coaching, athletic training, sports administration, sports communication, sports management, sports marketing, and recreation.  Graduates also have the option of pursuing graduate study in health-related occupations, including physical therapy and occupational therapy.


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