The primary purpose of the area of the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is to coordinate and administer all programs leading to teacher certification at the University. Educating teachers for a diverse society is of special significance to the teacher education faculty. Further, the program is driven by the philosophy that teachers have the power to free learners from conditions associated with being uneducated, undereducated, or miseducated. Thus, the Educator Preparation Program works to ensure that teacher education graduates obtain the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed to serve as “Liberators through Education” in elementary and high school classrooms of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the region, and the nation.

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Degree Requirements

To obtain the baccalaureate degree in any area of education, students must complete all campus-wide Liberal Studies requirements. In addition, teacher candidates must be formally admitted to the Educator Preparation Program.

  • Major Benchmark I: Entry to KSU
  • Major Benchmark II: Admission to Educator Preparation Program
  • Major Benchmark III: Admission to Student Teaching
  • Major Benchmark IV: Program Completion