Our Programs and Offerings

Below is a listing of each of our programs and offerings, with links to further details. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help applying for admission or need any more information.

Secondary Education Teaching Endorsement

Any student pursuing a secondary teacher education major may elect to obtain an endorsement valid in grades 5-12 for teaching Computer Science. This requires the completion of 23 semester credit hours. This teaching endorsement satisfies the Kentucky Department of Education requirements (704 KAR 20:340).

Certificate in Cyber Security

We also offer a certificate program in Information Security. This certificate can be completed by any person without any computer science background by taking 12-13 credit hours.

The core requirement is COS 281 – Introduction to Information Security & Assurance (3 hours)

Three (3) other courses may be selected from the following four (4) courses:

COS 334 – Cyber Forensics (4 hours)

COS 332 – Management of Information Security & Assurance (3 hours)

COS 435 – Advanced Topics in Cyber Security (3 hours)

COS 484 – Introduction to Network Security (3 hours)

If you’d like more information, please let us know. You may contact us by completing the “More Info” form, by e-mailing us at CompSci@kysu.edu , or by calling (502) 597-6384.