The Whitney Young School (WYS) of Honors and Liberal Studies is the home of several programs that reflect the University’s commitment to excellence in liberal studies education.

Honors Program

The centerpiece of WYS is KSU’s Honors Program, an integrated liberal arts program that emphasizes student discussion of excellent books.  Honors students can complete their core liberal studies requirements through the Honors Program and then go on to major in any field. Honors students may also major or minor in Liberal Studies.  The Honors Program is also the designated Pre-law program for KSU.

Integrative Studies Program

The Integrative Studies (IGS) courses are an important component of KSU’s Liberal Studies requirements.  The IGS program is a sequence of interdisciplinary classes emphasizing key developments in the history of thought in Western and non-Western cultures.

International Studies Program

To prepare students for our increasingly globally-connected world, KSU offers a Minor in International Studies, and a BA degree in Africana Studies through the student-designed BA option of the Whitney Young School.

Liberal Studies Degrees

Five distinct Liberal Studies Degrees, two Associate of Arts and three Bachelor of Arts degrees, are available through the Whitney Young School. The Bachelors Degree options include the Honors Program degree in Liberal Studies, a general studies “completion degree,” and a student-designed major in liberal studies.

About Whitney M. Young, Jr.

The school is named after the late Whitney M. Young, Jr., executive director of the National Urban League from 1961 to 1971, distinguished leader of the American civil rights movement, and a graduate of Kentucky State University.

Each of the special programs in the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies aims to develop in its students the qualities of critical judgment, maturity, and leadership exemplified by Mr. Young.

Who was Whitney M. Young, Jr.?.


Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies

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