The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) offers academic programs in ten academic programs: Liberal Studies; Communication and Journalism; English, Languages, Literature, and Philosophy; Music, Music Performance, Music Education; Psychology, Social Sciences (specializations in History and Sociology); Interdisciplinary Behavioral Sciences, and the Whitney Young Honors Collegium.

Each of the two schools is organized to grant Baccalaureate degrees with the potential for developing graduate degree programs. The Whitney Young Honors Colleguim also offers an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies. Additionally, the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Behavioral Science.

Academic majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degrees offered:

Communication and Journalism

English Language and Literature

Liberal Studies


Music Performance

Music Education


Social Sciences (History or Sociology)

The mission of the College is consistent with the overall mission of the University. Its major goal is to provide students with requisite academic skills, knowledge, and a sense of competence which will allow them to assume leadership roles in their respective fields of study or career interests.


F. Erik Brooks, Ph.D.

210 Hathaway Hall


Ms. Karen Brown
Administrative Assistant III, Global Engagement Coordinator