Urban Agriculture

FRANKFORT, Ky., -- Kentucky State University Land Grant employee profile photos Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 at the Extension Building in FRANKFORT.

Leigh Whittinghill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Urban Agriculture
(502) 597-6130

The urban agriculture Extension program centers on growing food in urban areas—from small farms to community gardens and backyards. Services include providing advice to urban growers about vegetable selection and growing techniques, such as an appropriate crop rotation and transitioning to organic production. Future programming will also center around the development of a demonstration vegetable garden on Kentucky State University’s Frankfort campus to show how a family of four could grow their vegetables in a small space. Additional workshops, events and informational publications about different aspects of vegetable production are also available.

Small Farm Program

The Kentucky State University Small Farm Program integrates Extension education and outreach that targets small, limited-resource, minority, women, veteran, refugee, disabled, low-literacy, and beginning farmers. This one-on-one educational program provides hands-on education, demonstrations, group meetings, tours and educational field days for its cooperators. Coupled with the Small Farm Program are The Third Thursday Thing monthly educational workshops and field days on sustainable agriculture; the annual Small, Limited-Resource/Minority Farmers Conference that provides a wealth of information on U.S. Department of Agriculture and state agencies, farmer successes, and health screenings; and the newly established Fourth Wednesday Small Beef Cattle Producers monthly workshops.

Picture of Marion Simon

Marion Simon, Ph. D.
Extension Professor and State Specialist for Small Farm and Part-time Farmers
(502) 316-5423

Picture of Johnnie Westbrook, Ph.D.

Johnnie Westbrook, Ph.D.
Associate Extension Professor
Director of Small Farms and Secondary School Outreach
(502) 597-5811


Ms. Sheri Crabtree

Sheri Crabtree, M.S.
Horticulture Research and Extension Associate
(502) 597-6375

Kentucky State University’s horticulture Extension provides research-based education and outreach on various fruit and nut crops including pawpaw, blackberry, hazelnut, persimmon and jujube. Specialized areas of focus include pawpaw breeding, variety trials, propagation, orchard management, harvest and postharvest handling of fruit, and value-added product development. Extension activities include farm visits, tours and workshops such as hands-on grafting workshops, orchard tours at the KYSU farm, and fruit tastings. We also assist pawpaw growers of all sizes—from commercial orchards and nurseries to homeowners and hobbyists—with questions about growing and utilizing fruits and nuts. Informational publications, videos, and social media are utilized to disseminate information about the program.