Goat Breeding PracticesFood and Animal ScienceDr. Ken Andries2009Fact SheetThis publication lists management practices
and recommended procedures to increase
success of breeding in meat goats.
Kidding Season PracticesFood and Animal ScienceDr. Ken Andries2009Fact SheetPublication covers basic care and management of does and kids at kidding to increase survival of newborn kids.
Goat ProductionFood and Animal ScienceDr. Ken Andries, Terry Hutchens, Patty Scharko2009Fact SheetPublication covers the basic care and management of goats including selection, breeding, nutrition, and health care, it is designed for people starting meat goat production but is useful for producers of all skill levels.
Estimating Winter Hay NeedsFood and Animal ScienceDr. Ken Andries2006Fact SheetWork sheet that helps producers estimate the amount of hay needed for their herd through the winter, is based on goats but is also useful for sheep and can be easily converted for cattle.

Double Sided Goat Feeder Food and Animal ScienceStephen Harrod2012BrochurePlans for building a goat feeder for use with goats, the feeder includes a hay rack.
Stretching Your Holiday DollarFamily and Consumer ScienceDr. Joanne Bankston2015Fact SheetProvides useful tips on budgeting for the holidays.
Worksheet for Holiday BudgetingFamily and Consumer ScienceDr. Joanne Bankston2015WorksheetSimple worksheets for organizing and tracking holiday expenses, companion piece to "Stretching Your Holiday Dollar"
Getting More Bang For Your BuckFamily and Consumer ScienceDr. Joanne Bankston2016Fact SheetDesigned for limited resource families, this tool takes participants through the steps for making a spending plan.
Money Power for College StudentsFamily and Consumer ScienceDr. Joanne Bankston2015BrochureProvides money saving strategies for college students.
Companion Worksheet for Money Power BrochureFamily and Consumer ScienceDr. Joanne Bankston2015WorksheetProvides tools for helping college students manage money.