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Kentucky State University (KYSU) Cooperative Extension Program strengthens underserved communities, families, farmers, individuals and youth to improve their quality of life with state-of-the-art, research-based educational programs.

The program is recognized as a leading educational organization that provides inclusive services to diverse communities. We value accountability, inclusion, integrity, partnership/collaborations, service, relevant, and research-based.

Greetings from The Extension Administrator

Picture of Courtney Owens

Dr. Courtney Owens
Interim Associate Extension Administrator

Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program (KSUCEP) was created to develop research-based educational programs that address relevant needs affecting undeserved and underrepresented audiences in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KSUCEP offers a broad array of educational programs related to agriculture and natural resources, community development, family and consumer sciences, and 4-H Youth Development. Our Extension faculty and staff work continuously to develop innovative educational programs that help improve the standard of living for Kentuckians. As you peruse through this publication, we encourage you to participate in programs that are of interest to you and your family. If you have additional questions about specific programs, please contact the Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program.

We will continue to collaborate with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and other federal and state partners to help transform Kentuckians. We are committed to people, priorities, programs and performance. Please engage with KSUCEP as we continue to develop and provide educational programs for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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