Student Recruitment and Advising is one of the core objectives of the STEM Education Program which has three specific activities.

  • Developing a Summer Apprenticeship Program (SAP) to prepare incoming freshmen students in mathematical and college survival skills. Sixty (15) junior and senior students per year will be selected from high schools that have a higher proportion of minority students and will be trained for four weeks on STEM academic and social skills. A diverse curriculum will be developed featuring:
    • STEM Fundamentals
    • Skills for STEM Success
    • Mathematics for STEM Students
  • Develop dual credit courses for high school juniors and seniors: Dual credit courses can motivate students interests in STEM programs. Such courses provide access to introductory/basic courses and obtain college courses completion credits. Examples of courses are Careers in STEM, Careers in Geo-Science, Introduction to weather and climate. These courses will be made interdisciplinary with innovative content and flexible learning modules.

Develop focused recruitment strategies: “Adopt a high school”: under this activity a. KSU recruitment committee will be established and the committee will develop a recruitment plan including periodic visits  to minority dominant high schools and colleges across the region, organize STEM program awareness activities at the high schools, and guest lecture in the selected high schools.