A Kentucky State University professor recently completed the Stanford Advanced Computer Security certificate. 

Dr. Richard Maiti, assistant professor, said he heard about the certificate from a conference he attended and became more interested in the area of computer security. 

“In the information age it has become more important to protect information and to reduce the risk of information being stolen,” Maiti said. “I became more interested in the area of information and application security and to apply it in my area of agile software engineering research to include security from the design phase to build better and secure software.”

Maiti said he can incorporate what he has learned into his computer sciences classes to teach students to design better software and to think about security in the design phase. 

Maiti joined Kentucky State in August 2019. He earned a bachelor’s in computer science at the University of Kentucky; a master’s in applied computer science at Eastern Kentucky University; an MBA from Morehead State University and a Ph.D. in information systems from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.