The most recent Kentucky State University valedictorian is continuing his academic pursuit in the field of chemistry.

John Bradley, a retired state trooper and recent Kentucky State alumnus, has been accepted into the University of Kentucky doctorate program in chemistry.

Bradley earned a biology degree in May from Kentucky State and indicated he would like to continue his academic career.

“It always nagged at me that I never finished a biology/chemistry course of study I had started as a young man back in 1988,” Bradley said in May. “My experiences at Kentucky State University had been very positive, so I re-enrolled and charged a course towards a biology degree and a chemistry minor.”

Bradley said he was 47 when he re-enrolled in the biology program.

“A lot had changed both in instructional styles and in the discoveries made in both biology and chemistry,” Bradley said.

It’s never too late to pursue what you love, Bradley said.

“You can always make room in your life for more education and academic pursuit in fields of study you are passionate about,” Bradley said.

Bradley will begin his Ph.D. coursework in August.