Hundreds of new students and their families or legal guardians showed up to learn about life on the Hill during Bred Prep, new student orientation for Kentucky State University students.

Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II welcomed the class of 2022 and imparted words of wisdom and points of pride about Kentucky State. He also emphasized that tuition is capped for this class of incoming freshmen.

“For each of you, for the first time in our institution’s history, your tuition will be capped,” President Brown said. “The rate that you pay today will be the rate that you pay for your entire four years.”

President Brown also highlighted the diversity at Kentucky State.

“We’re proud that out of all the institutions in the nation, Kentucky State has been designated as the most diverse,” President Brown said. “That means we are at the statistical midpoint in faculty, staff and student composition. What you will be able to gain and experience here, you will not be able to gain anywhere else in the country.”

Kentucky State Student Government Association President Michael Weaver introduced himself to the students, asking them to call on him for help anytime. He also spoke about success in college.

“College is about taking the necessary steps to be successful,” Weaver said.

Dr. Thomas Calhoun, vice president of student engagement and enrollment management, discussed college life outside the classroom.

“You’ll never learn anything if you keep doing what you already know how to do,” Calhoun said. “If only you talked to the people you already know, you didn’t allow yourself to meet new people who may teach you things about yourself.”

By engaging in campus life, Calhoun said, students will graduate more fulfilled.

“In the end, you will look back with fondness and realize that not only did you learn your major, but you learned things about who you are and the type of person you want to be,” Calhoun said.

During Parent University, institutional officers talked to parents about feeling anxiety about dropping their student off at college.

It’s important to get out of their way, many echoed, and “allow them to grow.”

By the end of the day, new Thorobreds learned about obtaining college success and how to navigate through the University for the best possible experience as they work their way toward becoming the class of 2022.