Kentucky State University President Dr. M. Christopher Brown II was honored by the Kentucky General Assembly and was recognized by a resolution on the Senate floor by Kentucky State Senator Dan Seum for his leadership efforts at Kentucky State and for bringing the University’s Environmental Education and Research Center into fruition.

The resolution acknowledged President Brown’s laudable career in education and applauded him for all he has done so far on behalf of the students, faculty and alumni at Kentucky State.

President Brown’s first year has been nothing short of exemplary, which can be seen in is efforts to provide educational resources, like the research center to reach students outside of the classroom. The Center was established to provide learning opportunities for children across the Commonwealth in areas of environmental research. The 307-acres of wildland and the 1.6-acre pond offers students research opportunities in anthropology, aquatic sciences, forestry, biology and science education. In 2018, the Center will begin the construction of its Braille Trail, a nature trail with informational guides written for the visually impaired. The trail, which is set to be completed in the spring of 2019, will extend the learning opportunity to individuals with disabilities.  The research center located, in Pleasureville, Kentucky, has already served over 800 visitors, including 650 Kentucky students from various summer camps and schools.