Kentucky State University and Oregon State University have received a USDA Capacity Building Grant that will allow them to create two data software products that will make learning easier for students, research professionals and practicing veterinarians. The two data products are a pathogen identification software app and a fish disease case study database. The database will be accompanied by two computer teaching games, FishDetective and SimFish, that will create a role-playing scenario to solve fish kill mysteries.

The mobile app, which is the first of its kind, will function as an Artificial Intelligence Agent (AiA) using Google platform and will be the beginning of a large fish disease diagnostic clinical database, eventually allowing users access to a vast number of laboratories across the United States. Kentucky State plans to use the app and database in graduate and undergraduate classroom laboratory exercises, enabling students to perform epidemiology work, data mining of clinical disease case observations and risk assessments.

“The app is projected to be available for student use by fall 2018. Its creation will help facilitate hands-on learning experiences for students that extends beyond what we’ve traditionally been able to offer students in the classroom,” Dr. Robert Durborow, grant writer and University State Extension Specialist for Aquaculture, said. “Students will gain access to images and video footage of fish diseases, as well as current and historical clinical case data, which will enhance the University’s teaching quality. These and our computer teaching games will elevate our student recruitment effort.”

The free app will be compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices and will facilitate identification of fish pathogens and advise users, such as veterinarians wanting to expand into diagnosing fish diseases, of treatment options. The result will be improved accuracy of identifying fish diseases and selecting the most appropriate treatments.

For more information please contact Dr. Robert Durborow via email or phone at (502) 597-6581.