Attorney General Jack Conway and the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) have teamed up to use National Football League (NFL) grant funds to promote the rape crisis hotline, 800-656-HOPE (4673), to be sure that survivors of sexual assaults on campuses across the Commonwealth can get help. The press conference will kick off a #VoiceofHope video competition among college students at 10 a.m. on Oct. 30 at the Cooperative Extension Building at Kentucky State University.

The #VoiceofHope project encourages students to submit a 15, 30-35 or 50-60-second video utilizing the Rape Crisis Hotline. The videos will present their reflections/thoughts on the promotion of the rape crisis hotline to get help for survivors of sexual assaults on campus. The winners will be announced at a red carpet event at the Grand Theatre in Frankfort in February 28, 2016.

Campus sexual assault has received considerable attention lately due to several high profile sexual assault cases. KASAP wants to make sure that college students are well-equipped with the information needed to get help for themselves or their friends.

KASAP provides services and funding for sexual assault centers/programs across the State while our Office, the Office of Victims Advocacy, provides trainings and services for over 7700 victims annually across the Commonwealth and host trainings prosecutors, law enforcement, social workers and others.


Voices of Hope