Yolanda Powell-Young Ph.D.

Welcome to the College of Natural, Applied & Health Sciences at Kentucky State University. Created as a part of an innovative effort of recommitment to strengthen STEM education, and transform traditional discipline barriers, our college provides a unifying bridge among the fields of science, technology and health. Our faculty and students are a diverse community of scholars committed to research-driven inquiry, practical knowledge, and service that advances our lives, our communities and our world for the better.


 Our college is comprised of the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Academic departments include chemistry, biology, and nursing. We offer a range of exciting pre-professional and professional programs of study leading to associate, baccalaureate, and doctoral degrees.


We are dedicated to helping students understand how their education is the connection to real-world opportunities and upward mobility. The skills developed in our College help students find placement in a diverse range of fields after graduation. College alumni have led successful careers in government, academia, industry, medicine, and more. Our alumni community is living proof that a liberal arts-STEM mash-up is an innovative approach that facilitates the practical application of academic knowledge. How their passion can translate to a rich understanding of the world, a successful and filling career, and a meaningful life.


If you are looking to pursue your education in the welcoming atmosphere of a smaller, teaching-focused institution, our unique resources will provide you with amazing research and experiential opportunities. We invite you to join our vibrant community. On our web site you will find detailed information about the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences programs and degree requirements, or better yet, come visit us. Let us help you achieve your educational and career goals.



Yolanda Powell-Young, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor of Nursing