.Course Description

New to KSU! If you have not yet heard of Capoeira, here’s what you need to do: come straight to KSU! Join the Capoeira class at KSU Monday evenings at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Exum Gym. Strengthen your body, empower your mind, build flexibility, courage, and creativity. Described as “elegant and magnetic”, this beautiful Brazilian art form is a mixture of martial arts and dance that combines rhythmic strength movements to develop a dance-like appearance of combat training and self-defense. There are those who say that only to experience the magnetism of Capoeira for oneself is to truly know what it is. Click here for information

About the Instructor

Ray Jordan began his study of martial arts in 1994 at Kentucky State University under the tutelage of John “Shihan” Mason Jr. in the art of Che Lu. In 1996, Ray moved to Chicago and began training capoeira under the instruction of Mestra Marisa Cordeiro with the group Gingarte Capoeira. A year later he returned to Kentucky State University with his knowledge of Capoeira and created Chi’Hoon All Powers Martial Arts Capoeira group on the campus while continuing his training with Gingarte. In 2003 Ray joined Cordão De Ouro and earned both his Capoeira nickname, “Charuto” and first belt in Capoeira through Cordão De Ouro. Since then, Charuto has specifically trained and taught Cordão De Ouro while climbing the ranks to Monitor. Charuto has taught at several universities including KSU, Midway University and the University of Kentucky. Currently, Charuto teaches the art of capoeira at Four Seasons Martial Arts in Lexington, Kentucky.


Course Schedule

  • Deadline to Register May 10
  • Class Start Date May 15

Cost: $99.00