Belly Dance for Fitness

Course Description

In this dance genre, students will learn the fundamentals of the gorgeous art form of belly dance. Throughout the course, the student will learn beautiful ways of moving body to rhythm. Instructor will help students deliver correct vocabulary and hold posture and teach students how to isolate many muscle groups. The fun begins as the class moves into intense rhythms as instructor works on a family of slow strength building movements for arms and torso as well as the faster more aerobic steps like hip shimmies, hip bumps, full body undulations and more.

This class is full of fun and gives an amazing workout for all ages and body types. Click here for information

About the Instructor

Instructor: Teresa Tomb


Has been studying and teaching Belly dance for over 20 years. She is the owner and director of Mecca Live Studio and Gallery in Lexington as well as the director of the professional belly dance troupe Rakadu. She is well renowned teacher and dancer and has taught and performed internationally.







Class Schedule:

  • Deadline to Register May 10
  • Class Start Date May 15

Cost $99.00