The Bred’s Scholastic Rectitude Panel will handle all Spring 2020 academic appeals to ensure impartiality and integrity. Please submit your appeal below.

Scholastic Rectitude Appeal Form

  • Write the committee a letter explaining exactly why you are appealing. Tell the committee why your appeal should be granted. All committee records are confidential.
  • Drop files here or
    Letters on official stationery and or photocopies of official documents are best. According to the catalog, the committee CANNOT grant your appeal unless you provide documentation to support your appeal.
  • Drop files here or
    Ask your advisor to write a letter to support your appeal. If your advisor is not available, find your advisor’s chairperson or dean and ask him/her to review your appeal. Although not required, such a letter may improve your chances of having your appeal granted. You may also want to ask your instructor(s) to write a letter in support of your appeal.