The MPA Comp Exam Study Session will be rescheduled. Dr. Elgie McFayden, Jr., Dr. Monica Valentine, Dr. Eslam Omar, Dr. Margery Coulson-Clark, and Dr. Wilfred Reilly will arrange a mode and time to meet virtually with students. Students will be notified as soon as a decision is made.

Core Courses:
Information Science, Analytical Techniques, Fiscal Resources Management, Public Administration, and Human Resource Management

Specialty areas:

Dr. Valentine will provide a study session with students for the HR Management specialty study session and Dr. Coulson-Clark will provide a review with students for the Nonprofit Management specialty study session.

Students may contact the MPA Coordinator with any questions or concerns regarding the comprehensive study sessions or the exam:

Monica Valentine, PhD, MPA
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
(502) 597-6651