Your placement into mathematics classes is based on your ACT Math sub-score (or SAT Math score) and your score on the Kentucky Online Test (KYOTE).  If your highest ACT Math sub-score is 18 or less (or SAT Math score is 450 or less), you will be required to take the KYOTE College Readiness Placement Exam when you come to campus for your summer orientation session. If your scores were better than these, you will have the option to take the exam to help determine your best placement.  You are placed based on the best score of any of the three tests.

Spending some time preparing (even a little) can greatly improve your score on KYOTE!!!

Here is how you can get some practice exams to help prepare:

  • Go to the website:,
  • Click on “Practice Exams”,
  • Then click on one of the four College READINESS Practice Exams.

The four exams are similar to the computerized KYOTE exam you will take, and are based on the Math College Readiness Placement Exam Standards.  We strongly encourage you to practice taking these exams and to seek help with questions you have difficulty answering (the answers are given at the end of the exam).

If you have any additional questions about the Math Placement Exam, please contact Robert Hebble ( or Karen Heavin (