Campus safety is a significant concern of all colleges and universities.  News reports have shown that students, employees, and people who are not associated with institutions (such as strangers who wander onto campus) have displayed violent behaviors on campuses.  All campus employees must be aware of the university’s safety practices, procedures, and emergency plans before an incident occurs and to follow those plans should an emergency occur.  If anyone on campus displays violent behavior, contact the police department at 502-597-6878 as soon as it is possible and safe to do so.  It is also imperative that all instructors participate in the active shooter training offered by the university police department as well as to be thoroughly familiar with the emergency plan before an incident occurs.

It is important to understand that some individuals with disabilities who have the capacity for violent behavior may not necessarily disclose that information to anyone, including the DRC.  A review of recent incidents on other campuses indicated that while some violent individuals had histories of violence and/or mental health issues through off-campus agencies, the institutions themselves were not always consistently aware of these records.  Consequently, we may not know if a person presents a danger.  It is best to be generally prepared for potential threats from any person that reason.