It has been our experience that most students who wait to see if they need accommodations will fall behind.  Some are not able to catch up.  It is far better to start with accommodations and then stop them if they are not needed than it is for the student to fall behind.  Further, some accommodations take time to arrange, as in hiring a note taker or obtaining electronic books.  We firmly recommend that students contact us for assistance with accommodations as soon as they are accepted into the university.  In some cases, it is best for students to notify the DRC before they enroll.  For example, deaf students require highly trained professional interpreters which are not always readily available.  Early registration with the DRC will provide more time for the staff recruit a service provider.  Students must re-register with the DRC every semester they wish to receive accommodations, preferably as soon as they know what their class schedules will be.  This will help avoid delays in providing services.