Yes. More self-assertion is required at the university level than in high school.  The DRC strives to inform students of this, and your reinforcement of that message would be helpful.  The student must make the first move by contacting the DRC office and submitting the requested documentation. At the intake session students review our policies and procedures, many of which rely upon the student’s own initiative. For example, in a test-related accommodation, the student must contact you by the week prior to each scheduled exam and ask when and where to report on the test date. Thus, it is the student who initiates each occurrence of this type of accommodation. In preparation for a semester-long working relationship with you, students are advised to introduce themselves during the first few days of class. To help launch this self-directed  process, the DRC Coordinator will have already “broken the ice” by consulting with the student and explaining their obligations.  The student must also regularly attend class, complete assignments, and meet the same academic requirements that other students must meet. Accommodations cannot help a student who does not put forth the necessary effort to succeed.