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Siddhartha (Sid) Dasgupta, Ph.D.

Professor; Principal Investigator, Economics and Marketing Aquaculture Research Center Aquaculture College of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment
Aquaculture CenterRoom MPB 119400 East Main St.Frankfort, KY 40601(502) 597-5036(502) 597-8118 (fax)


Refereed Publications

  • Coyle, S., S. Dasgupta, J. H. Tidwell, A. VanArnum and L. A. Bright. (2002). The effect of stocking density on nursery production and economics in juvenile freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Journal of Applied Aquaculture, In press.
  • Dasgupta, S., D. Monestime and C. R. Engle. (2002). Can Commercial Catfish Producers Always Feed Efficiently? Aquaculture Economics and Management, in press.
  • Webster, C. D., K. R. Thompson, A. M. Morgan, E. J. Grisby and S. Dasgupta (2001) Feeding frequency Affects Growth, Not Fillet Composition, of Juvenile Sunshine Bass Morone chrysops × M. saxatilis Grown in Cages, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, (32):79-88.
  • Dasgupta, S., J. Foltz, and B. Jacobsen. (2000) Trout Steaks: Consumer Perceptions of a New Food Item, Journal of Food Distribution Research, (November): 37-47.
  • Dasgupta, S. and C. R. Engle. (2000) Nonparametric Estimation of Returns to Investments in Honduras Shrimp Research, Aquaculture Economics and Management, (4):141-155.
  • Lochmann, R., H. Phillips, S. Dasgupta, D. Gatlin, and S. Rawles. (2000) Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios and Standard Production Data as Indices of Golden Shiner Performance in Pond Feeding Trials, Journal of Applied Aquaculture, forthcoming.
  • Losinger, W., S. Dasgupta, C. R. Engle, and B. Wagner. (2000) Economic Interactions Between Feeding Rates and Stocking Densities in Intensive Catfish Production, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, (31):491-502.
  • Dasgupta, S. (1999) Integration of Arkansas Broiler Markets with Other Regional U.S. Broiler Markets, Arkansas Agriculture and Rural Development, (1): 2-4.
  • Foltz, J., S. Dasgupta and S. Devadoss (1999) Consumer Perceptions of Trout as a Food Item, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, (2): 83-101.
  • Dasgupta, S., T. O. Knight, and H. A. Love (1999) Evolution of Agricultural Land Leasing Models: A Survey of the Literature, Review of Agricultural Economics, (21):148-176.

Other Publications

  • Losinger, W., S. Dasgupta, C. R. Engle, B. Wagner and R. Sampath. (1999) Development of a Production Function to Investigate the Stochastic Nature of Catfish Production, p. 168-172, 1999 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Alexandria, Virginia.

Papers in Review

  • Schardein, M. J., S. Dasgupta and S. D. Mims. Growth, Average Weight and Survival Rate of Paddlefish, Polyodon spatula, Stocked at Two Densities in Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, ponds.
  • Dasgupta, S. and J. H. Tidwell. An average cost analysis of four hypothetical freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, farms using experimental data from Kentucky.

Working Papers

  • Dasgupta, S. and C.R. Engle. A Mathematical Programming Analysis of Catfish Production: 1-year versus a 2-year Model.
  • Dasgupta, S., C. R. Engle, W. Losinger, and B. Wagner. Determining the Profit-Maximizing Pond Size in Levee-Style Catfish Farms.

Research Presentations in Professional Meetings

  • “Modeling Continuous Multi-batch Production of Channel Catfish: A 1-year versus a 2-year Model.” Presented at the North American Fisheries Economics Forum, New Orleans, LA, April, 2001.
  • “Can Commercial Catfish Producers Always Operate Efficiently?” Presented at the 2001 World Aquaculture Society Meeting, Orlando, FL, January, 2001.
  • DOWNLOAD EXCEL WORKBOOK: This is an Excel workbook designed to allow users to predict the financial performance of a small-scale Apiculture farm over five years of operation.

Degrees and Certifications

  • B. S. Angelo State Univ., Mathematics & Computer Science 3.8/4.0 Aug ‘88 to Aug ‘90
  • M. S. Texas A&M Univ., Mathematics 3.2/4.0 Aug’90 to May ‘93
  • M. S. Univ. of Texas, San Antonio; Statistics 4.0/4.0 Aug ‘93 to Dec ’93
  • Ph. D. Texas A&M Univ., Agricultural Economics 3.7/4.0 Jan ‘94 to Dec ‘97

Academic History

Specializes in Agricultural economics, agribusiness, agricultural marketing, statistics, mathematical modeling.