Classrooms at Kentucky State University have both wired and wireless Internet connectivity. Most classrooms have projectors and sound speakers with connections for computers and video playing equipment. In addition, some classrooms have SMARTBoards (interactive whiteboards).

Classroom Technology Inventory

RoomAudio/Visual DisplaySMARTBoard
Bradford 100PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford 101PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford 104PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford 106PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford G1PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford G2PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Bradford G3PowerLiteSMARTBoard
Carver 105
Carver 106PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 107PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 108PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 114PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 115PowerLITE PRO Z8350W
Carver 116PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 117PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 118PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 124PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 137
Carver 212PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 215PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 216PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 217PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 218PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 224PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 225
Carver 227PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 228PowerLITE 475WSMARTBoard
Carver 229
Exum 201
Exum 202
Exum 205Epson 1880
Exum 206Epson 1880
Exum 207Epson 1880SMARTBoard
Exum 209Epson 1880800DViT
Exum 211
Hathaway 1Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 3Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 110Powerlite 822
Hathaway 114Powerlite 905
Hathaway 116Powerlite 822
Hathaway 120Powerlite 822
Hathaway 122Powerlite 822
Hathaway 123Powerlite 822
Hathaway 126Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 127Powerlite 822
Hathaway 130Powerlite 822
Hathaway 200Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 213Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 214Powerlite 435w800 DViT
Hathaway 223Powerlite 1880
Hathaway 224Powerlite 905
Hathaway 232Powerlite 822
Hathaway 300Powerlite 822
Hathaway 306Powerlite 822
Hathaway 308Powerlite905
Hathaway 312Powerlite 822
Hathaway 313Powerlite 822800 DViT
Hathaway 320Powerlite 822800 DViT
Hathaway 322Powerlite 822
Hathaway 326Powerlite 822
Hathaway 328Powerlite 822
Hathaway 400Powerlite 822
Hathaway 413Powerlite 822
Hathaway 419Powerlite 822
Hathaway 420Powerlite 905
Hathaway 424Powerlite 822
Hathaway 426Powerlite 822
Hathaway 427Powerlite 822
Hathaway 428Powerlite 822800 DViT
Jackson 201Epson 1880
Jackson 202Epson 1880
Jackson 206Epson 1880
Jackson 208Epson 1880
Shauntee 101
Shauntee 102
Shauntee 103
Shauntee 104
Shauntee 203



SMART Training Resources

How to connect your computer to a projector.

How to use SMARTBoard.

For other classroom technology needs, please contact the Information Technology Department (IT)



Aquaculture Center

Aquaculture Center
Aquaculture, Food Science

Bradford Hall

Bradford Hall
Business and Music

Carver Hall

Carver Hall
Mathematics and Sciences

Exum Center

Exum Center
Nursing and Public Administration

Hathaway Hall

Hathaway Hall
Arts, Computer Science, Education

Jackson Hall

Jackson Hall

Shauntee Hall

Shauntee Hall