The program’s completion rate is defined as student who completes the BSN program RN-BSN option within 150% of the normal completion time (i.e., 3 semesters). Calculated by dividing the number of graduates that completed the program within 150% of the normal completion time by the number of students that were enrolled in the corresponding admission cohort as of the day five of semester 1 NUR course. The timeframe encompasses the initial entry into the program until 1 semester beyond scheduled graduation. For example, a student admitted in Fall 2018 would have until Fall 19 to complete within the 150% timeframe.

Completion Rate

2018- 60%

2017- 100%

2016- 89%



The program’s job placement rate is defined as the % of prospective graduates in a specified entry cohort who were offered employment as a registered nurse, were employed as a registered nurse or who were promoted as a result of obtaining a BSN by date of commencement.

Job Placement/ Transition Rate

2018- 100%

2017- 100%

2016- 100%

2015- 100%