Al La Carte 

***3 in 1 Party Pass is 3 Alumni Parties for the price of one on Saturday night***
Al La Carte Homecoming Events
Classes in Reunion Gala (Friday)$60.00
Young Alumni Kickback (Friday)$10.00
Club 1886 - II Party (Friday)$25.00
KSU Ta’Kanda Older Party (Saturday)$35.00
KSU Ta’Kanda Younger Party (Saturday)$20.00
Jam Session Lounge (Saturday)$10.00
K-Club Banquet (Friday)$25.00
K-Club Golf Tournament (Friday)$85.00
All football tickets will be sold by athletics. Alumni will only sell packages with game tickets.
Homecoming Reserve Football Game Ticket$40.00
Homecoming General Ticket$25.00

**To purchase multiple a la carte items, please use the “other” button. Add the total dollar amount of your purchase, and enter the amount in the “other” button. Please leave a detailed explanation of your purchase in the comments section.

Example comment:  I’m purchasing 2 Jam session lounge tickets a la carte for a total of $20.00