Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff are personnel employed by the university on or off campus areas. For the purpose of the regulations, visiting professors, cooperative extension advisors, cooperating teachers and administrators, part-time adjunct faculty, part-time staff, summer faculty/staff and others deemed appropriate by the university are considered faculty/staff.

  • Faculty/Staff Parking: Employees are only allowed to park in faculty/staff parking lots and not in student parking areas.


A student is any individual other than faculty/staff, who is enrolled at the University.

  • Student Parking: Students are only permitted to park in student parking areas, not in faculty/staff parking areas.

  • Handicap Parking: A state issued handicap placard is required in order to park in handicap spaces. However, if there is a need for temporary handicap parking, a physician’s note will be required and a special temporary pass will be issued. Handicap parking is on a first come first serve basis.
  • Night & Evening Parking: Parking on campus is open each evening from 5pm-5am and all day on weekends until 5AM Monday morning. Parking is NOT permissible in reserved or designated spots during these times.
  • Theft or Loss of a Permit: The theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to the parking office immediately. Replacement fee is $25 for students and $50 for faculty and staff. Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership of permits. Possession or use of a lost/stolen, forged/altered permit will result in a fine, tow, and/or loss of parking privileges.
  • Fraudulent Permits: The use or possession of a permit that was lost, stolen, altered or those purchased from any source other than the parking office is considered fraudulent registration. The fine is assessed at $100 and parking privileges may be revoked.


Visitor parking is located in the William Exum parking lot. Visitors must obtain a parking pass from the Guard Shack or the Police Department. It is the responsibility of the person inviting the guest(s) to campus to come to one of those locations to obtain a visitors pass. The Police Department is located in the William Exum Building.

The following passes carry no fee and are issued by the Parking Office. To obtain the pass, it must be approved by the parking office.

  • Vendor Passes: An individual or contractor for temporary parking for construction or service.
  • Service Passes: Are issued to university employees who are required to service different buildings on campus. In order to receive the Service Pass, the employee must have purchased a university parking permit (no exceptions).
  • Volunteer Passes: Are issued to individuals who volunteer their services to the university.