Banner 9 Login Page

For those of you who use the administrative side of Banner, you will now be required to login using your full email address (i.e.

The first log in page will now look like:


  1. Type in your full email address (i.e.
  2. Put in the password that you normally use to log into the computer, Banner, etc.
  3. You will be taken to the Banner system.

Once you log into Banner, you will notice that you will also have access to other software applications such as Office 365 (email, one drive, etc.) , Campus Labs, and OCLC (the library system).

For additional security precautions:

  1. Please completely close your browser after use.
  2. Please lock (ctrl+alt+del) your computer before you leave your computer. Do not leave your computer while you are logged into your account.


Recommended Web Browser for use is Chrome.