Xerox Solution Center
Academic Services Building (ASB), Suite 239
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Xerox Solution Center Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Mail Sent to Residence Halls – 
Labeling Rules:
To ensure that all mail reaches its destination, please follow these instructions for reaching students who live on campus:

Full (Formal) Name of Student
Name of Residence Hall and Room Number
Kentucky State University
400 East Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

: Please use formal names, no nicknames; also do not send perishable items, due to spoilage. Please also ensure that the name of the student is on the label/package (not parent/guardian, etc.).

Important Points regarding Mail/Package Delivery:

  • Any United States Postal Service (USPS) mail or package received for students who do not live on campus will be stamped “return to sender”.   Therefore, students who do not live on campus should either keep their USPS mail/USPS packages going to their home address or make certain family/friends/businesses have their current mailing address where they are living while attending KSU (i.e., their non-campus address).
  • All first-class mail incorrectly addressed (i.e., the student no longer resides on campus) will be stamped “Return to Sender.”
  • Mail sent to students who no longer live in one of the Residence Halls will no longer be forwarded to students’ off-campus address. If the student resides on campus, but has relocated to a different Residence Hall, then mail will be forwarded to the student’s correct “on campus” address.
  • Mail is picked up once per day from the Postal Service Center located in Frankfort. Therefore, any USPS mail or USPS packages (sent through with tracking) that are initially logged in as being received, actually represents USPS mail/USPS packages that were sorted by the Postal Service Center from the day before.
  • Packages sent through the USPS are picked up at the same time as regular USPS envelop/mail; however packages sent by UPS or FedEx are delivered to campus throughout the mid-morning to mid-afternoon.  Updated lists of UPS or FedEx packages are posted in the Xerox Solution Center by 10:00 AM Monday-Friday and the list is updated as packages arrive from UPS or FedEx.
  • In order to claim a package, students must come to the Mailroom (ASB Suite 329) and show photo identification (to prove identity) and sign for the package with staff in the Xerox Solution Center.
  • Only FedEx and UPS packages sent to divisions/departments on campus are delivered directly to the division/department by mailroom staff/personnel.

Please note: USPS mail pick-up from the Postal Service Center in Frankfort is done once per day (in the early morning), therefore the early morning pickup actually represents USPS mail that was processed by the Postal Service Center from the day before.

General Campus Mail Services 

Contact Info:
The Xerox Solution Center (Copy & Mailroom) operate under:
Auxiliary Services
317 Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (ASB)
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