To begin the facility/event reservation request process, please complete/submit the form below.
All facility/event requests MUST be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the event to allow time for review and processing of your request.

  • If your request is APPROVED, then Auxiliary Services will notify you via email and confirm that the requested Facility/Event space is approved.
  • If your event is approved:
    • Your next step AFTER APPROVAL is to SUBMIT A WORK ORDER (via online) to KSU Facilities.  
    • Auxiliary Services DOES NOT submit work orders for ANY KSU department / organization OR external entity.
    • The set-up information that you are asked to provide in this request for space is used *ONLY* to make sure the space requested can accommodate the event. 
    • If your event request is APPROVED, you would still need to submit:
      • A WORK ORDER TO KSU FACILITIES for actual set-up.
      • A request needs to be submitted to KSU/IT if you need technology.
      • And if your event involves food, you need to submit your catering request via CaterTrax (available on the Auxiliary Services dining page).
  • If your request is DENIED, then Auxiliary Services will notify you via email with an explanation for the denial decision.

Note that no alcoholic beverages are allowed at events. If you are unsure about equipment that can be used and/or for further information please contact

An important update regarding the Hill Student Center: The “Flex Area” does not include the “Food Court” space. The “Food Court” space is reserved for KSU’s dining partner and/or Auxiliary Services use to provide dining space for students during other dining events hosted by either KSU’s dining partner and/or Auxiliary Services. The “Flex Area” in the Hill Student Center consists solely of the open-space (hallways) that immediately surrounds the “Food Court”, but does not  include the “Food Court”. Therefore, if you are reserving the “Flex Area”, you will need to request tables/chairs as the tables/chairs in the Food Court are not to be removed for use in the “Flex Area”. Questions? Please contact the Auxiliary Services Director listed on our website or send us an email at with the subject line “Flex/Food Court”.